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Welcome to the website for all EMS providers in Saint Joseph County, Indiana. All material contained on the website is kept as current as possible. If any further information is required please call John McMillen or Kerry Hershberger located on EMS coordinators page.

Please visit this site frequently for current events, Updates, educational opportunities and QI schedules.

Plans are being developed for preregistration forms for upcoming educational offerings and EMS events. If you have any suggestions please contact Kerry Hershberger, SJHS-MMC EMS Coordinator.

2018 Saint Joseph County Guideline is posted on the Guidelines Update Pages for you to download and read. Initial Guideline testing is required for all new EMS personnel hired in after April 1st 2018. Special Ketamine test for all paramedics lead and non-lead will be administered when there is a stock of Ketamine from both hospitals.  New general Guideline testing will be conducted later in 2018.

Testing will be conducted at each SJCEMSC sponsored EMS or Fire Department department. EMS Coordinators will be working with Chiefs and training officers for testing for general guidelines testing when approved by Dr. Sherry and Dr. Jaronik, your EMS Medical Directors. The testing for each department has been placed on hold.

Dr. Jaronik & Dr. Sherry in their September 2013 QI has introduced the new backboard guidelines. This position statement can be found in guideline update page or the following link:

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