EMS Week is May 19-25th

Committee Members

Keith Sherry MD - MHSB EMS Medical Director
Jason Jaronik MD - SJRMC EMS Medical Director
John McMillen - MHSB EMS Coordinator
Kerry Hershberger - SJRMC EMS Coordinator and SJCEMSC Comm. Chair
Andy Myer - South Bend FD ALS Representative
Jaren Kilian - Clay FT ALS Representative
Robert Severied - Walkerton Lincoln FT ALS Representative
Brian Thomas - Mishawaka FD ALS Representative
Dave Yoder - Penn FD ALS Representative
Vacant - BLS Transport and Non-Transport Representative
Nancy Lockhart - Medical Dispatch Representative & MDSC Committee Chair
Greg Hunt - St. Joseph County Fire Chiefs Association 
Jon Whitmar - Educational Representative and PI Coalition Committee Chair
EMA Representative (Adhoc)
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